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Maurice Lacroix A Brief Portrait 

Maurice Lacroix A Brief Portrait

The name Maurice Lacroix stands for decades of experience in the production of high-quality watches.

In 1961, Zurich-based Desco von Schulthess AG acquired an assembly facility in Saignelégier, a town in the Canton of Jura, where it produced private label watches for the national and international market.

In 1975, the company laid the groundwork for its successful corporate history by introducing its first watch under the name of Maurice Lacroix in Austria. The brand was launched on the Spanish market a year later and, after another four years, the company founded its own sales organization in Germany.

Then, two decades after launching its first watch, the company successfully entered the US market in 1995. In the fall of 2001, Maurice Lacroix S.A., previously a division of Desco von Schulthess AG, became an independent legal entity and in 2002, Maurice Lacroix founded the last subsidiary in Great Britain, thus generating ideal conditions in which to achieve its ambitious international growth targets.

Today, Maurice Lacroix, which has a total of 220 employees worldwide, is one of the most successful Swiss watch brands, both nationally and internationally, and is represented in around 4,000 selected specialist shops in more than 60 countries all over the world.

The company, one of the few independent Swiss watch manufacturers, has already established itself as a market leader in Germany in the upper middle-price segment, while in the USA the brand is one of the most dynamic in the industry. As one of only a few brands of Swiss watches, Maurice Lacroix also manufactures its own cases in Saignelégier.

Maurice Lacroix has faith in Switzerland as its production location 
Over the years, Maurice Lacroix has made significant investments expanding its case manufacturer acquired in 1989 and its assembly facility in Saignelégier, and has made every effort to continuously keep the technology up-to-date.

Investments were not restricted to infrastructure but were also made to optimise all internal processes. The assembly facility – together with the training and information centre opened in 2000 and the extension completed in February 2003 – is currently one of the most modern in the industry.

The company thus put itself in an ideal position to use these state-of-the-art ateliers to design and put together its watches with a great deal of passion and precision. Around 150,000 top-quality timepieces now leave the Saignelégier facility each year and are distributed to customers all over the world.

Maurice Lacroix philosophy – Tomorrow’s Classics
In spite of the rapid change and growth during the last 30 years, one thing has always remained the same: an awareness of a long watchmaking tradition, skilled craftsmanship and passion, as well as love for design, perfection, and exclusive materials.

Maurice Lacroix is particularly proud of the crown jewels of its collections – the mechanical watches of its Masterpiece Collection. The experience Maurice Lacroix has gained from this precise art of watch-making is also incor­porated into classic collections like Pontos, Miros, Calypso, Les Classiques, and Divina.

In 2003, Maurice Lacroix established a milestone with its diverse product portfolio and new, independent advertising campaign as well as a new appearance in retail shops. The watches from Maurice Lacroix, which are set to be Tomorrow’s Classics, epitomize traditional art of watch-making and progressive, innovative technology.

Overview of the collections

Masterpiece Collection: The watches of the Masterpiece Collection are the expression of the company’s consummate skill in the art of watch-making.

Using technical innovations and novel design features, Maurice Lacroix plays an active part in shaping development in the field of sophisticated mechanical watches. With its new Masterpiece Tourbillon Rétrograde, Maurice Lacroix is part of the small circle of watch manufacturers for whom superior quality is the utmost requirement.

Pontos: The timeless, purist design of the Pontos and its mechanical inner works attract buyers with a flair for the refined. 2005, Maurice Lacroix is introducing two new Pontos models with attractive additional functions: the Pontos Réserve de Marche and the Pontos Chronographe.

Miros: In 2004, Maurice Lacroix’ designers accentuated the independent, distinct, and valuable aesthetics of the Miros even more. This watch stands out with its streamlined design, a balanced, perfectly proportioned dial, and an exceptional, minimized link bracelet.

Calypso: An unprecedented blend of timeless elegance and contemporary design that has fascinated enthusiasts of fine watches who move with the times.

Les Classiques: These attractive wrist watches, which entrance wearers primarily through their traditional, clean elegance and timeless beauty, offer all of the distinct qualities of a classic wrist watch for an unbeatable price.

Divina: The flowing, feminine forms of this fine watch underscore the goddess in every woman. Above all the Divina Special Edition is perfect for women seeking something unique.

Selena: The slender Selena with its graceful elegance and magically seductive appearance is a jewellery watch par excellence.