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How to make a Hermès leather strap How to make a Hermès leather strap
Not many gives a leather strap a lot of thoghts...

...but the strap itself can be a masterpiece!

Since 1928, Hermès has been fabricating ​​watches, and from very beginning they have been manufacturing their leather straps, with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

For example, one alligator turns into just 4 straps , and a calf turns into just 40 straps. The skin must be cut from a specific part of the animal.

The factory makes annually 120,000 straps, and production time on each strap is from 2 hours and up.

Alligator straps is the most coveted, ad accounting for a third of the production, which means a daily consumption of more than 27 alligators.

The Bird Repeater The Bird Repeater
Many people dreams about longer and warmer days throughout the winter, and for those who cannot wait, and maybe has plenty of gift cards, Jaquet Droz 'The Bird Repeater " watch might do the trick.

The clock might part the seas, but it's unquestionable a masterpiece. Watch the video !

The dream of summer costs from around 480.000 USD and up, but the details to be noticed is enough to fill out the time.

Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk
Are you a Sea Hawk fan?

You can read all about the Sea Hawk - from the very beginning, and up through times.

Also you'll find exciting history about the watch during World War 2, and eves as a Hollywood legend.

'The File Drawer' 'The File Drawer'
A true fan to Breitling Navitimer have just launched a brand new site.

He's wellknown on this site, and is famous for his continuous effort in fresh updates with both photos and info's.

Don't cheat yourself for this experience!

HM4 RT is a limited edition of 18 pieces in red gold, titanium and sapphire crystal .

A traditional wristwatch has a relatively straightforward role: to tell the time. All that is needed is a hand for the hours, another for the minutes and perhaps a power reserve indicator to keep track of running time. Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt has a hand for the hours, another for the minutes and a power reserve indicator. HM4 Thunderbolt tells the time.

HM4 Thunderbolt is not a traditional wristwatch.

Visit MB&F.

BLUE OCEAN - one-of-a-kind BLUE OCEAN - one-of-a-kind
Soon the highlight of this year arrives from German GRIEB & BENZINGER - it's a solid and richly detailed chronograph, based on old traditions back from 1926, and put together in a solid platinum case.

As shown in this video a lot of time and work has been used in the many small details that are the characteristics of this clock. Thus, each clock is unique with its specific cuts and engravings. Furthermore, the individual parts is hand-polished down to the smallest screw.

Hublot Magic Gold Hublot Magic Gold
Always wished for a gold watch, but knew the soft metal would'nt last on your wrist?

Now the clumsyest user can have his wishes fulfilled. Hublot is about to launch a 18 carat scratch-proof gold watch. The benefits of a gold watch is intact, but the disadvantages had been eliminated.

Baselworld 2012 presents the new Magic Gold.

Navitimer 806, I love that watch Navitimer 806, I love that watch
The name is a combination of the words Navigation & Timer, since the watches was originally developed as a navigation watch for pilots, who could use the sliderule to calculate remaining distances, fuel consumption etc.

The Navitimer seriously put Breitling on the world map. It’s until today the most famous watches they ever produced and it’s unlikely that it will ever be surpassed.

Maurice Lacroix A Brief Portrait Maurice Lacroix A Brief Portrait
The name Maurice Lacroix stands for decades of experience in the production of high-quality watches.

In 1961, Zurich-based Desco von Schulthess AG acquired an assembly facility in Saignelégier, a town in the Canton of Jura, where it produced private label watches for the national and international market.

Helmut Sinn - the story Helmut Sinn - the story
Former pilot, flying teacher and aviation expert and the man behind the watch-brand Sinn, that he founded in 1961 and left behind in 1994.

But Helmut Sinn is still producing watches. And - Helmut Sinn is today 88 years old !!

In 1996 he bought a large part of the Guinand Watch Co S.A. and this is where he today makes a collection of high end quality sports pilots watches - the brand is Chronosport.

Read the exsiting story about a life with flying and watches.

Visit at Rolex Visit at Rolex
Not many have been near Rolex in Bienne, Switzerland, and even fewer have had the opportunity to admire the 170,000 m3 factory from the inside. But one who visited the factory, wrote an impressive article, and richly illustrated it with images, to our great pleasure.

Visit Rolex.

More photos.

Hublot and World Boxing Council (WBC) team up for the ultimate knockout Hublot and World Boxing Council (WBC) team up for the ultimate knockout
12 unique watches, each of which commemorates the world’s 12 greatest boxers to grace the ring, to be auctioned for WBC charity in Vegas this September. The winners bids will receive their watch from the fighter himself. All proceeds will go to support the charitable initiatives of the World Boxing Council.

Mexico City – 22 March, 2012 - Today, in the presence of boxing legends Lennox Lewis and Julio Cesar Chavez with Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and WBC CEO Jose Sulaiman, the Swiss luxury watch company rang the bell by announcing the beginning of a legendary relationship with the World Boxing Council, the governing body of the global sport.

The oldest sport on record- dating back to 6000BC, “Boxing is the art of fighting with the heart while using the fists,” said WBC, CEO Jose Sulaiman. Hublot has taken the fervour and art of the sport and fused it with the passion and history of the watch world. This synergy has resulted in the creation of 12, unique one-of-a-kind pieces, each of which commemorates one of the greatest boxers to grace the ring including legends, Lennox Lewis, Julio Cesar Chavez, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, Marvalous Marvin.

Read more here!

Panerai News Panerai News
Panerai proudly presented their latest collection at SIHH 2012.

"The present and the future of Officine Panerai are now based on the development of high quality in-house manufacture movements together with research into innovative materials. The collection presented at SIHH 2012 uses only manufacture movements and materials of finest performance and characteristics: stainless steel, ceramic and, for the first time, red gold."
Quote from www.paneraicollection.com.

Check link for full list of watches shown on SIHH 2012.

The first wristwatch ever made The first wristwatch ever made
Did you know that...

The first wristwatch was made for a woman, Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, by Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe in 1868.

Although it was the first timekeeping device to be designed specifically for use on the wrist, it was intended primarily as a piece of decorative jewellery.

More about worlds first wristwatch here.

Piaget holds their horologic banner high Piaget holds their horologic banner high
By Mads Gjødesen

Most people knows Piaget watches and jewelry, but make no mistake about their horologic abilities.

It is worth to check out the latest addition to the family; the beautiful Skeleton watch in the Altiplano serie.

The clock holds two world records. Thinnest Skeleton automatic movement in the form of cal. 1200S with impressive 2.4 mm, and thinnest skeleton automatic watch with 5.34 mm.

Skeleton watches can easily seem much to decorated with ornate carvings and engravings, but Piaget has managed to keep a nice, minimalist balance, so the clock does not seem to decorated.

The box is in white gold and 38 mm. Price is still unknown. Check out the clock in the following link:

Admire the watch here!

Authentic Bond watch under the hammer Authentic Bond watch under the hammer
By Mads Gjødesen

Previously, James Bond watches have drawn record high prices when they come up for sale at auctions around the world.

Clocks which are used in various James Bond films are unique watches, as most are custom built with various gadgets and used during the actual filming of the movies. This fact makes the hardcore Rolex collectors pay outrageous prices for these watches.

Such a 007 clock now comes under the hammer at Christie's on 14 November. The watch is a Rolex ref. 5513 with a circular saw in the bezel, and was worn by Roger Moore in the movie 'Live and let die'. The watch is rated to 170-340.000 Euro and is available on page 160 in the link below.

There is incidentally a lot of other interesting watches at auction.